A Martinez

23-year-old Jane pattern of modesty and chastity. It is not like their peers, which in this age is no longer a virgin. Jane leads a modest life and, despite this, she has a fiance. True relationships they have platonic, but the guy is, like any man,
Walt Longmire is a sheriff of a small town in the US state of Wyoming. A year ago, suddenly died of his beloved wife and to somehow cope with their grief, Walt is completely immersed in his work. Always cheerful and friendly with ordinary people,
Country, Channel: USA, A&E
Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Western
Creator: Christopher Chulack
Jane Villanueva is a romantic 23-year-old student who has decided to be virgin until marriage. But the banal trip to the gynecologist has completely changed her life. Jane was the victim of a random artificial insemination. Her fiance, Michael is

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