Alexander Ludwig

Strong and courageous Viking Ragnar Lodbrokdue to the legends is a descendant of Odin, the god of war. He is driven by a desire to connect all of the Vikings in Scandinavian lands and conquer the world. Ragnar and his faithful friend Flock build a
Vikings season 3 begins with the fact that Ragnar and Lagertha transports on ships their people from Kattegat to Wessex. King Ecbert has promised to give the land in exchange for peace. But no one knows the value of his promises. Now Ragnar is
Norwegian legend describes Ragnar Lodbrok as a legendary Dane from the Ynglings family. He rose to become the king of the Viking tribes. According to the legend, he was a descendant of Odin – the God of war. He was the one to plunder and burn Paris

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