Melanie Scrofano

"Gangland Undercover" tells about a man named Charles Falco. After his silhouette and hear the voice of each series begins, the viewer can contemplate that answers the questions of investigators. The man was able to infiltrate a biker gang, no
Country, Channel: Canada, USA, History
Genres: Biography, Crime, Drama, History
Creator: Stephen Kemp
Wynonna is not an ordinary girl. She loves riding her motorcycle. Her favorite outfit includes cowboy boots and hat. The drink she respects the most is whiskey. She hates rules and restrictions. Her father is a lawyer and her great –grandfather was
Country, Channel: USA, Canada, SyFy
Genres: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Western
Creator: Emily Andras
This is the TV series that allows the viewers to see the true story of omen. It has been some time since he was a little boy in the Omen movie. These days he is a man, who does remember the things that had been happening around him during childhood
Country, Channel: USA, A & E
Genres: Horror
Creator: Glen Mazzara

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