The shine of Hollywood brought a lot of people mad, but it was the ambition to climb to the top and make us geniuses and masters. The plot revolves around the incredible story of the rivalry of the two greatest movie stars of all time - Joan
The plot takes off in a city of Modesto in California when murder and sexual violence are reported to the police. The man living in the house next to the house of the murder has seen the potential criminal. The case might be having the racial
"Gangland Undercover" tells about a man named Charles Falco. After his silhouette and hear the voice of each series begins, the viewer can contemplate that answers the questions of investigators. The man was able to infiltrate a biker gang, no
Country, Channel: Canada, USA, History
Genres: Biography, Crime, Drama, History
Creator: Stephen Kemp
School friends William Harley and Arthur Davidson, gathered in the garage unremarkable motorized bicycle. It begins as a legend, based on real events. "Harley-Davidson" - is not just a bike, it's a lifestyle, direction, culture, and for some almost
This is the story of Louis XIV, who has become the King at a very early age, but finally had a chance to start controlling the country only at the age of 28 after the death of his mother. He understands that those news may bring trouble on
From the first days of Lyndon Johnson’s tenure as the US President Johnson begins to take the long-awaited and necessary decisions. The most important of his innovation is a civil rights bill. Thus, Johnson tries to stop racial segregation in the
This TV show is interesting because it is being based on the events that had really happened. The life of a famous British naturalist Gerald Durrell is taken as a basis for the plot. The series takes place in the year of 1935. The main heroine is in
Country, Channel: UK, itv
Genres: Biography, Drama
Creator: Steve Barron, Roger Goldbach
The action takes place in ancient Rome during the reign of Julius Caesar. The protagonist – Spartacus - is the former leader of the Thracian troops. He was ensnared into slavery to the Romans as a result of a treachery. He becomes a gladiator, but

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