This is a story of Alice. She is considered one of the best accountants in the forensic field. Her skills and experience have proved her as one of the best specialist in the field. Her reputation is based on the number of financial fraud cases that
The “Houdini and Doyle” TV show is created by American and British authors. This series is thrilling and intrigues by its story and main protagonists. Those are two real people – Harry Houdini and Arthur Conan Doyle. Both of them are well-known all
Country, Channel: Canada, UK, FOX, ITV, Global
Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Creator: David Hoselton, David Titcher
Atlanta, Georgia is a place where the virus has started its outbreak. The city center is closed for quarantine in order to prevent the spreading of a deadly virus as long as that part of the city is thought to be the source. Many people found
New Orleans is now under control of a gang of bandits who turned into werewolves. Mother of Klaus and Elijah Esther is resurrected. Now she has an appearance of Cassie witch. Together with her son Finn is resurrected. He is now in the body of the
TV show takes place in Los Angeles. In the center of events - the unfortunate magician Charlie Haverford, who has been working for many years on the Romanian mafia, collecting tribute to him with numerous psychics and fortune tellers. It seems his
Daniel Holden, who was convicted and spent 19 years on death row - for the alleged rape and murder of his 19 year-old girl. Do a DNA analysis, the court ruled to release Daniela. After all these years, he has to learn to live again, to establish
Designated Survivor of the White House suddenly makes dizzying career take off. During the annual President's message to Congress happens scale terrorist attack. Perish, and the head of state, and all who could replace him at the event at the
Brand-new medical drama ‘Code Black’ is about the most famous hospital in the US, where a staggering influx of patients may outweigh all possible resources available to physicians for urgent intervention. At the center of this controlled chaos
Strong and courageous Viking Ragnar Lodbrokdue to the legends is a descendant of Odin, the god of war. He is driven by a desire to connect all of the Vikings in Scandinavian lands and conquer the world. Ragnar and his faithful friend Flock build a

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