Yvonne Carmichael sits in the witness box. The charge is murder. Before all of this, she was happily married, a successful scientist, a mother of two. Now she's a suspect, squirming under fluorescent lights and the penetrating gaze of the alleged
Country, Channel: UK, BBC
Genres: Drama
The series tells the story of two nurses who are on opposite sides during the Civil War of 1861-1865. Mary Finney on the side of New England, believing that aggression and oppression of Europeans should be negated. Emma Green is on the side of the
The focus of the plot are real memories midwife named Jennifer Lee. They were the basis for the script of the series, as well as the foundation of a series of works of the famous writer Jennifer Whorf. We leave you in the fifties of the last
TV show is based on dramatic love story in the period of the famous American witch-hunt. The main character of the TV series - John Alden, a brave hero, a veteran of war, who comes to his hometown of Salem, which covered all the madness of a witch
Country, Channel: USA, WGN America
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Thriller
Creator: Brannon Braga, Adam Simon
The Royals - the fictional life of the royal family. The family lives in a modern London and its life at first glance can only envy. The family - a rich and influential. Each member of the royal family can afford everything they wish. This financial
One day Flynn Carsen discovers that his task is to stand guard over the magical artifacts in the ancient library. He gathers a team of 4 ordinary people who have to deal with black magic and ancient conspiracies. Under his direction, they will learn
Country, Channel: USA, TNT
Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Creator: John Rogers
Many fans are asking, when the third season will air on TV? The plot of the show is a love story of married people. In most cases, society condemns this phenomenon, but every such case - a complex and tragic story, which is not always so
After a memorable explosion at Langley, where 219 victims of the attack became senior CIA agents, in season 3 of the series Homeland everyone thinks that it is committed Brody. Carrie Brody helps get outside the US and returns to investigate the
Country, Channel: USA, Showtime
Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Creator: Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon
In 1813 James return from Africa. James Delaney loves traveling and trying not to deny his own self. However, the events at the time of a man forced to leave your favorite activity and to return home with a handful of diamonds. During his absence,
Each episode of "Ransom" is a separate situation about rescuing hostages. The hero of "Ransom" is mediator Eric Beaumont, a person who understands the companions of a lot better than they are in person. Eric Giving allow to settle the most
Country, Channel: Canada, France, CBS
Genres: Drama
Creator: Frank Spotnitz, David Vainola

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