The life of two girls are turned around in unpredictable ways after accidental events in the hospital. Girls confused and they hit the family, which originally should have been. Daphne brought up a single mother, from which her husband left. On top
Country, Channel: USA, ABC Family
Genres: Drama, Family, Romance
Creator: Lizzy Weiss
The young twenty-year boy named Ben, has not yet decided on his plans for his future life and the future, he leads an idle and does not burdened life. The whole life changes dramatically when his ex-girlfriend leaves him at the threshold of the
Country, Channel: USA, ABC Family
Genres: Crime, Drama, Family, Romance
Creator: Daniel Berendsen
As a teenager, the light and dark periods follow each other so quickly! And, of course, this period is not without disappointments, which always have a galactic scale, whether reasonable grounds exist for this or not. Well, a good thing is that
Country, Channel: USA, Disney Channel
Genres: Comedy, Family
Creator: Michael Jacobs
All Los Angeles know about Abby McCarthy, it was she who gives the girls a different age group tips on how to establish a personal life and keep it at the right level. However, in the life of Abby began to change. She and her husband lost their
Astronaut Jeff Tracy wants to build a huge fortune to help others. It creates a kind of rescue service of international importance, which equips advanced innovative means of enabling members of the organization to respond quickly to an emergency
Country, Channel: UK, New Zealand, Itv
Genres: Action, Adventure, Animation, Family, Sci-Fi
Creator: David Peacock, David Scott
On busy streets of the modern city life boils under way, but no less turbulent events taking place deep, deep underground, where lie the densely populated villages of good trolls and gloomy catacombs of evil trolls. The two worlds intersect, when
Country, Channel: USA, Mexico, Netflix
Genres: Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Creator: Guillermo del Toro
This is the story of the brilliant and somewhat eccentric alien who is able to travel through time and space. We know him as the Doctor. Together with his companions he often travels to various worlds and eras. Sometimes for fun, but most of all
Country, Channel: UK, Canada, BBC
Genres: Adventure, Drama, Family, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Creator: Sydney Newman
This is season two of the popular teenage TV series named “Katie Cooper Undercover”. The heroine of the show seems to be an ordinary, not very sociable high school student for her friends and neighbors. Her parents work as accountants, brother Ernie
Country, Channel: USA, Disney Channel
Genres: Action, Comedy, Family
Creator: Corinne Marshall
The plot revolves around a little family from sunny San Francisco. The main character of DJ Tanner suffered after the death of her beloved husband. She has single-handedly raising three sons. In addition, the heroine does not earn a lot of money,
The “Lost in the West” TV series has been ordered by the Nickelodeon TV channel aiming at the young generation of TV viewers. The show is consisting of only three episodes. Each has already its air date passed. The story is simple yet intriguing –
Country, Channel: Spain, USA, nickelodeon
Genres: Family
Creator: Fallon Smythe

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