The events take place in the future. The few settlements survivors manage to invent a device with which you can move human consciousness through time. Inspired by this success, the people decide to go into the 21st century a number of trained
Country, Channel: Canada, Netflix
Genres: Sci-Fi
Creator: Brad Wright
The plot focuses in the vast expanses of North America. The protagonist is presented as an ambitious guy Declan de la Harpe. He always gets the goal, but his iron will power allows you to translate into reality, even the most unrealistic idea. Man
In the center of the comedy series of events - a divorced mother Ann Romano, who along with her daughters-teenagers Julia and Barbara Cooper moved to Indianapolis. At the new place they are familiar with the caretaker house Schneider, who later
Country, Channel: USA, Netflex
Genres: Comedy
Creator: Pamela Fryman
The plot revolves around a little family from sunny San Francisco. The main character of DJ Tanner suffered after the death of her beloved husband. She has single-handedly raising three sons. In addition, the heroine does not earn a lot of money,
In the center of the tv show - a group of black teenagers living in one of the poorest areas of the South Bronx. The young boy Ezekiel orphaned and living with relatives, in his free time he writes wonderful poetry, as well as helping to record
Miranda Singh - a young girl who is trying to promote your blog. She decided to make a parody of the girls that spread into the network homemade videos where they try to sing. As a result, Miranda itself become a star YouTube, now it seriously aims
Country, Channel: USA, NETFLIX
Genres: Comedy
Creator: Andrew Gaynord
The protagonist led a life of crime and was a member of the gang. Subsequently, that he was in custody. In prison, he offers to take part in the experiment, but something went wrong, medical testing derailed. And Luke Jake gets incredible strength
The year of 1984 was a turning point for the United States, where streets were saturated with drugs. Escobar succeeded in grabbing about eighty percent of drug sales market, while getting rid of his competitors using the simplest methods. He killed
Country, Channel: USA, Netflix
Genres: Crime, Drama
Creator: Carlo Bernard, Chris Brancato, Doug Miro
The case of a boy lost in the state of Indiana in early eighties echoes the problems arising from a secret laboratory located nearby. An unusual girl escapes from there and is getting hunted by the group of well-trained soldiers. She repeatedly hid
Attorney Matt Murdock is blind since childhood, but it did not prevent him from being a successful defender of the offended. The hero soon realizes that is not always possible to restore justice and stay in the legal field. As a professional lawyer
Country, Channel: USA, Netflix
Genres: Action, Crime, Drama
Creator: Drew Goddard

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