The plot of Hell on Wheels revolves around - the revenge of the former Confederate soldier army Cullen Bahannana for the rape and murder of his beloved wife. Hatred and anger overwhelmed desperate Cullen, and revenge was the meaning of his life. He
Country, Channel: Canada, UK, AMC
Genres: Drama, Western
Creator: David Von Ancken
In the future the best entertainment venues will be giant theme parks. These attractions are inhabited by robots. They are background scenery perform the role of extras portraying the local population. For a fee, anyone can get into the selected
Walt Longmire is a sheriff of a small town in the US state of Wyoming. A year ago, suddenly died of his beloved wife and to somehow cope with their grief, Walt is completely immersed in his work. Always cheerful and friendly with ordinary people,
Country, Channel: USA, A&E
Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Western
Creator: Christopher Chulack
Wynonna is not an ordinary girl. She loves riding her motorcycle. Her favorite outfit includes cowboy boots and hat. The drink she respects the most is whiskey. She hates rules and restrictions. Her father is a lawyer and her great –grandfather was
Country, Channel: USA, Canada, SyFy
Genres: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Western
Creator: Emily Andras
America is living through the first years after the Civil War. The plot is set in Nebraska, in a tent camp called “Hell on wheels”. The construction of a railway from one ocean coast to the other is started. The first technical project of a national
Country, Channel: Canada, UK, AMC
Genres: Western
Creator: David Von Ancken

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